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gaitway-3dThe gaitway 3D is a fully instrumented single belt treadmill including 4 strain gauge sensors measuring the vertical, fore-aft and lateral ground reaction forces during locomotion. The gaitway 3D is a joint development between Arsalis and h/p/cosmos (Germany). The gaitway 3D allows numerous strides of walking to be collected and analyzed in a limited lab space. It also allows single vertical foot contact forces to be decomposed during the double contact phase of walking according to an algorithm developed in collaboration with Université catholique de Louvain. The gaitway 3D has demonstrated outstanding accuracy and reliability allowing for online biofeedback on many parameters of the gait and for routine assessments in rehabilitation and sports medicine and in biomechanics research labs. The gaitway 3D can be interfaced with 3D motion tracking systems, electromyographs and metabolic energy expenditure measurement systems routinely used in gait analysis labs.



The table below presents the specifications for the model gaitway 3D 150/50.

Model name gaitway 3D 150/50
Running surface (L x W) 150 x 50 cm (larger sizes available on demand)
Speed range 0 – 22 km/h
Elevation None (bottom frame is bolted to the floor)
Measuring range Fz 11 kN
Measuring range Fx, Fy 3kN
Overload range Fx, Fy, Fz 24kN
Noise (p-p) Fx, Fy, Fz ±2 N
Linearity Fx, Fy, Fz <0.2 %, <0.2 %, <0.8 %
Hysteresis Fx, Fy, Fz <0.2 %, <0.2 %, <0.8 %
Cross-talk Fz → Fx, Fy <2.0 %
Drift <0.05 N/min
Natural frequency Fx, Fy, Fz 55 Hz, 65 Hz, 65 Hz
Force amplifier 8 force channels (4x Fz, 2x Fy, 2x Fx)
Adjustable sensitivity (12 – 375mN/bit)
Built-in 16 bit A/D converter, simultaneous sampling
Tread speed measurement
Programmable start and stop isolated digital trigger
Programmable sync out pulse
Isolated digital input for baseline setting when unloaded
Sampling rate 100Hz – 10 kHz
Interfaces Serial port (RS-232) or USB port for treadmill control
Ethernet (RJ-45) connection to force amplifier
BNC (5V digital isolated) connection for Trig In, Aux In, Sync Out and Zero In
Sub-D (9-pin) connection for 0-10V analog force output
Mass / Dimensions (L x W x H) 273kg / 220 x 95 x 120 cm
gaitway-3D© software Patient and operator database, hardware control, data monitoring, acquisition and storage, biomechanical parameters of gait, left/right vertical force under each foot, gait detection (walking or running), online biofeedback, cycles detection, cycle averaging, cycle normalization, raw data export in text format, automatic update, Windows 7 / 8 / 10.



The gaitway 3D user software offers an easy access to a large number of functionalities including:
- Software setup in few clicks
- Patient & Operator database
- Integrated hardware control
- Patient weighing station
- Automatic gait detection (walk or run)
- Automatic decomposition of gait cycle
- Real time gait parameter computation
- Real time biofeedback
- Raw data export
- Automatic averaging of gait cycles
- Gait analysis for walking and running
- Left /Right cycles contrast
- Software update in few clicks


Biomechanical parameters

The gaitway 3D user software offers an online computation of many biomechanical parameters for each stride. All parameters are computed, for both sides when applicable, and can be used for biofeedback. After data acquisition, individual steps are automatically detected; strides are averaged and can be normalized. All parameters for the detected gait (walking or running) are reported in tables and plots, including:
- Step length, width, frequency
- Swing / stance durations
- Contact / aerial durations
- Stride asymmetry
- Center of pressure
- Force peaks (push-off, landing)
- Loading and unloading rate
- Vertical force on Left / Right foot



The gaitway 3D is a versatile single belt instrumented treadmill. Its applications include:
- Biomechanical & clinical gait research studies
- Pathological gait evaluation
- Gait rehabilitation
- Athletic performance assessment & training

Combined with a 3D tracking system, the gaitway 3D also allows detailed biomechanical analyses (e.g. inverse dynamics). The gaitway 3D is compatible with any 3D tracking system.



- Rugged construction
- Standard certified product
- State of the art instrumentation
- High speed and accurate measurement
- Up to date & evolving user software
- Cost effective


Media / Links / Downloads


gaitway 3D presentation
gaitway 3D integration
gaitway 3D with elevation
walking on gaitway 3D with biofeedback on ground reaction force
running on gaitway 3D with biofeedback on ground reaction force
running on gaitway 3D with biofeedback on center of pressure


h/p/cosmos gaitway 3D


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