Excellence in Human Performance Assessment

Gaitway 3D

instrumented treadmill

The gaitway 3D is a joint development by Arsalis and h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh. It is the first instrumented single belt treadmill measuring the ground reaction forces in three directions. The gaitway 3D is a powerful, innovative, and accurate system in biomechanics not only for analysis but also offering on-line biofeedback for corrections in clinical gait rehabilitation and athletic running applications.

The functionalities include a recording of the ground reaction forces at rates up to 10 kHz, left and right force decomposition on the fly automatic detection between walking and running and an extensive list of biomechanical parameters of normal and pathological gait.


    • NBiomechanics
    • NScience and Clinical Research
    • NAthletic Prevention, Performance and Training
    • NGait Rehabilitation


    • NData recording & analysis (e.g. for research facilities)
    • NPatient evaluation (e.g. for clinical research facilities)
    • NOnline feedback to user (e.g. for training facilities)

    System performance features

    • NExtremely wide measuring range
    • NExcellent measuring accuracy
    • NBuilt-in amplifier with acquisition system
    • NLAN connection
    • NControl, acquisition & analysis software included
    • NDigital trigger inputs/output for synchronisation with EMG and MoCap system
    • NFull access to raw data and processed data
    • NCost-effective

    Biomechanical parameters

    • NStep length, width, frequency
    • NSwing / stance duration
    • NContact / aerial durations
    • NStride asymmetry
    • NForce peaks (push-off, landing)
    • NLoading and unloading rate
    • NLeft / Right foot 3D force decomposition
    • NCenter of pressure
    • NCenter of mass 3D displacement
    • NMechanical work
    • NMore biomechanical parameters


      Lab integration

      The gaitway 3D is a fully instrumented single belt treadmill including 4 strain gauge sensors measuring the vertical, fore-aft and lateral ground reaction forces during locomotion. It offers a rigid construction screwed or glued on the floor to record optimal quality signals

      The gaitway 3d treadmill is the first in the industry to combine 3D force and optional pressure metrics on a single belt treadmill. It can also be interfaced with 3D motion tracking systems, electromyographs and metabolic energy expenditure measurement systems routinely used in gait analysis labs.


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