Excellence in Human Performance Assessment

Expertise and Innovation to Drive Science

Our mission is to develop projects and solutions to evaluate physiological performance for biomedical applications in research, clinic and space.

Expert in the measurement of human motor performance

Our expertise is in the development of lab equipment for research designed to measure human movement performance. Arsalis also designs and develops force measure systems such as instrumented single belt treadmills and force plates for research and clinical evaluation of patients.

Force plates

Instrumented treadmill

Instrumented handles

Our projects

Decades of focus on biomechanics and human movement have led Arsalis to actively contribute to various national and international research projects and ensure the highest technical and scientific quality for all our products.

Clinical evaluation with Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Arsalis is also expert in the development of Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROMs) for the functional assessment of patients through questionnaires in clinical practice and in research. Our approach is based on the state-of-the-art psychometric approach, known as the Rasch model, which ensures the highest standards of accuracy in patient assessment of patients with various pathologies.

Rehab-scales is a web application that provides all questionnaires that can be used free of charge for daily clinical practice and research worldwide. A license is required for clinical trials and / or for commercial applications.

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